About Us


Meet Your Barn Peeps!

We want every guest to feel like family at the barn, which is why we do not hire staff for our events. Our family will handle every aspect of your wedding / event with the exception of your individual vendors; anything from help decorating, directing parking, bartending, wedding coordinating, you name it.   That being said, please take a moment to meet your barn peeps!

· Samantha is the face of the barn, she’s funny (or at least she thinks she is), very personable and one of the most outgoing and caring people you will ever meet. Samantha will be your main point of contact for tours, one month meetings, you name it.  

· Michelle (the older and wiser version of Samantha) is the go getter / getter done barn peep.  You need help creating, organizing, or envisioning your dream wedding, she’s your girl.  Also very funny!

· Barry (Michelle’s other half) and Justin (Samantha’s other half) are our heavy hitters.  The guys build items for the barn, maintain the grounds and side line as our bartender!  You won’t see as much of the guys as the barn ladies but they are there for you if you need anything at all!

· And we’ve saved the best for last….. Management.  Caleb (5 Years Old) and Colby (1 Year old not pictured) run the place! Although Caleb is only five, don’t be alarmed if you come by the barn and see him tootling around the grounds on a golf cart, he drives much better than most adults and is the most hard working five year old you’ll ever meet!