Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Barn provide parking attendants?

o Yes, however parking attendants only direct traffic and do not park cars

Is there smoking allowed on the property?

o There is smoking allowed in designated areas.  ABSOLUETLEY no smoking or vaping in the barn

Does the Barn require brides to use certain vendors?

o We do not, however we provide all Brides with a list of preferred vendors that we recommend.

Is alcohol allowed at my wedding?

o Yes, however it is not provided by the Barn and you will have to utilize the Barn’s bartender as we are required to follow specific guidelines per our insurance.

Are sparkler send offs allowed?

o Sparklers are not allowed at the Barn but we have some great alternatives for your send-off.

Is there a fee for not cleaning after our event?

o No, clean up is included in all wedding packages.

Does the Barn have heating and air?

o Yes, the Barn has four central air units as well as fans making it comfortable in every season.

What is the maximum occupancy of the Barn?

o The indoor capacity of the barn is 200; however, if you utilize the covered patio outside the barn we can accommodate more.

Can cars be left after an event if a guest has been drinking?

o Yes!  We encourage guests to leave their vehicles if they have been drinking.  Cars can be picked up the following day.

Is liquor allowed?

o We do not allow any free pouring of liquor. Each couple however, is allowed two (02) signature drinks that can contain alcohol but must be pre-mixed in a decanter and served by the bartender